Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my list of bests

Best Sketchy Place to Hang Out: The intersection of North Ave and Boulevard (NE corner). The corner is totally unlit and sits next to an vacant parcel with an empty Payless Shoe Store. The six lanes you have to cross are life threatening, a total rush and winding up on that corner alone is a sense of freedom and imminent danger that you'll never experience any where else. 

Best Way to Become Disoriented and Mildly Freaked Out: Get on the wrong MARTA bus which has a similar route home to your normal bus. Then when it takes a turn where it shouldn't the freak out begins! And you know where you end up? That's right, North Ave and Boulevard. I speak from experience. This happened to me last night and thank god for my bro, John, who happened to be nearby. But damn, if those brief few minutes weren't a totally hot rush. 

Best Thing that I Could Make You For Dinner: Once I get a kitchen table, you're totally welcome to eat with me. 

Best Way to Confuse Your Co-workers: Red turtlenecks and Boss cologne.

Best Way to Gross Out a Woman: Eat a shit-load of wings

Best Parting Expression from Some Dude You Just Met: "Stay Fierce"

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