Sunday, November 30, 2008

my first post (please don't let it be lame)

my first attempt at blogging. hopefully things will improve from here on out, but be patient and be forewarned that this may completely blow your mind. 
should i make a concerted attempt at a theme? is there really any theme out there that warrants in depth exploration by a novice of most things? maybe, but for starters, just straight up blogging, bitch. can you handle it? most likely you can. i have blind faith in all of you to be able to handle a bunch of serious shit that's gonna be coming your way. don't be afraid to bow up to it! you've got nothing to lose, friends. so hold on to something stable like a nice chest of drawers or a tight pinch on some wainscoting. wear a helmet. hold your breath. exhale. have a bite of this incredible satay that we just made...and say thank you.

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