Tuesday, December 16, 2008

way into jesus

there's this guy that rides the 45 bus every morning. he wears the same clothes every day. walking sneakers. well tapered blue jeans.
a blue and green wind breaker that he cautiously zips at the bottom. 
it billows nicely.
and his hair is thoughtfully groomed. he must take a comb through it in the morning.
he has a perfectly straight brow line. you could balance a level on it.

he doesn't sit down though. he just stands next to the driver and starts to talk jesus. like end of days shit. 
he's not aggressive. he just stands there casually talking about the end times as if he's recounting a story of having to return his hair gel to CVS. tuesday it was all about the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. 

then wednesday he did something really nice.

a girl got off the bus at inman middle school. she dropped something so he got off the bus and called out to her. i thought he was about to go rapture on her ass. instead he just handed her what she dropped and i thought, maybe this dude isn't so bad.

then i thought again, and concluded no; this dude is clearly insane.

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EZ Pants said...

Hey, you changed the picture?