Thursday, December 11, 2008

seasons greetings from pod three!

dear coworkers,
well, what a year it's been. can you believe that '09 is right around the corner?! i haven't even started my '08 resolutions! ;) everyone is pod three is doing well and we couldn't ask for anything more. of course we've been spending too much time at the printer north2, waiting on RFP's to print, but who doesn't have that problem?:) micah has been busy as ever pouring over contracts, getting another set of eyes on the project delivery system and of course preparing for the auditors, but he's taking it all in stride.
louie and preston are up to no good as usual. you should have seen the look on dennis' face when he did a QA/QC on their last deliverable! but everything has worked out fine. it passed the client's muster in the end. now we just need to get that ad-service money! 
as for me, i've been blessed. there's plenty of back-log and we nailing our profit margin, which is good news in this business climate, am i right? 
i still can't believe that IT dude upper decked the men's room.
have a blessed holiday season from us all, 
drew, preston, louie and micah.

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