Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i have a great costume idea

i know it's last minute, but i think i have an awesome idea for a halloween costume. pep this, last winter i went to telluride and had NO GEAR, so i bought a whole fucking outfit! i was totally into it, so i decided to splurge on a helmet and boots too. besides, i know i'm gonna use them all the time, so i figured it was a pretty good investment. so check it, i'm going as a downhill skier! it's gonna be amazing. it'll only take me a couple minutes to get ready and i'm so used to walking around in ski boots from spring break, that it'll totally be no prob. first of all, chicks are seriously into dudes who ski. fuck snowboarding, skiing is way hard. plus, once they see that i dropped five hundo on this North Face jacket and another two hundred on this Smith helmet, they'll know i don't mind spending a little flow to get what i want, right? i'm gonna get fucking plastered. and did i mention laid? tail grazin' in these boots will be smooth as hell. one big stomp at a time. and i'm definitely keeping my helmet on the whole time. i need to look dedicated to this shit. damn, even busting out my goggles and acting mysterious when i'm scopin' tang! didn't even think of that! yeah, i'm pretty sure this night is gonna end well. really well.

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EZ Pants said...

Awesome post, Sack.

I totally signed up as a follower of our blog!