Sunday, January 25, 2009

A thank you to the d-bag behind me

I was doing some work at a coffee shop in my neighborhood and some dude, who is clearly about to graduate from business school at Emory, assumed that everyone there wanted to hear his conversation. But it was worth it. No shit, this is what he said...

"My resume is FUCKING money! I mean, I killed it on my cover letter!"

Then he proceeded to read his cover letter to his friend over the phone. Trust me when I tell you his cover letter was far from "fucking money".  Still, I just want to thank that chump for providing me with such sweet overheard conversation.


EZ Pants said...

You should have grabbed his cover letter and started swing dancing on top of it. Then when you're finished you look at him and say, "How money is my dancing, bitch?"

christa t said...

I am taking a wild guess that you were at SF Coffee. That was your mistake.