Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Introducing. . . the crazy bench!

(click to enlarge crazy)

People in Atlanta always want to whine about how we are second best at stuff. But I disagree. In my experience, Atlanta is a top tier town for chilling w crazy folk. You really don't have to do much digging to run into a guy who's screaming at his own hand while gesturing to some points of interest on an unseen wall map.

By way of example, I offer this piece of improvised furniture left by the two 50-year-old hermit dudes who used to live down the street from me, before promptly disappearing one day. There are plenty of second and third hand stories to share about these gentlepersons, but I think their own words (scrawled in blood-like red sharpie on a homemade bench) really paints the picture best:

Eating Food
Happy Meals
A Lot of Tickle
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Happy People
Private Shopping List
Remember to Have Sex
Naked Penis Big Dick


kaneharvest said...

"I really need a lot of food" is my fave.
that's a magical bench. i can't believe you found it.
did you keep it? i like to imagine it on your porch with dirty sneakers and gardening gloves on it.

Matthew D. Hutchinson said...

My neighbor snagged it and put it in another neighbor's yard. Now it has disappeared again. Maybe the rightful owners came back for it. . .