Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Neo Shark 4 Ever

I was in São Paulo Brazil a few weeks ago, and I kept a little journal of badass English expressions i saw on t-shirts, signs and graffiti. It's a weird thing, but I think the use of edgy-sounding English words down there implies something cool is automatically being expressed. And it absolutely is.

"Neo Shark 4 Ever"

"College Attitude Is Only Hard Rock"
"Cyberdogg 2008"
"Cash For Chaos"

Clothing Stores
"Dress to Party"
"Opera Rock"

P.S. Enlarge image to check out the crafty broken bottle anti-burglar terracotta shingles.

1 comment:

kaneharvest said...

"College Attitude Is Only Hard Rock"

that blows my mind. it's so true.