Friday, February 6, 2009

Dave Navarro

So there's this flyer on my walk home from the bus and it makes me think two things.

A) For those of you who felt sorry for yourself that you had nothing to do for new year's, you could have been somewhere much, much worse.

B) You missed out on the most balls-down party imaginable. 


christa t said...

What?!?! Why did they post it over the All-American Rejects poster? Remember when their music video and nothing else was played on MARTA trains for a week straight?

Matthew D. Hutchinson said...

I think I got Hep C just reading that flyer.

kaneharvest said...

my favorite MARTA video is the Latino girl in her pajamas promoting some sort of on-line degree.
Basically, sign up for this degree and you too can hang out with some chick in her jammies.

EZ Pants said...

Dave Navarro has gone to such great lengths to prove to the world he's not gay. Ok, Dave, we get it. You like having sex with women. Blah bliggity blah.